New York City // Limited Edition (1/9) // Yvonne Michiels

Yvonne Michiels is one of the top female artists of this moment with her series of City Lights and Fading Flowers. Her work is very populair as she was invited at the King Women Exhibition at the Penn and Brush Galerie in New York City in November last year. She combines portraits of strong, fashion-conscious women with images of modern metropolis. The perfect facades conceal feelings of insecurity, despair and vulnerability. Many limited editions are sold out within a few month in Europe and USA. The work of Yvonne is photomanupilation in photo art printed on dibond with perpex and limited Editions of 9 (+1AP),  size: 120 x 120 cm.

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Zusätzliche Information

Größe 120 × 120 cm


Ergänzende Informationen

In her City lights series, she ‘projects’ the feeling of loneliness onto her models. The models generally have a huge afro hairstyle., PREIS AUF ANFRAGE: oder +49-(0)172-9640824, This hairstyle stands for freedom and serves as background for the photographs of metropoles. The theme is Individuality and loneliness in the overwhelming grandeur of the city.


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